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Hi, I'm Thomas Müller, a designer and artist living in the south of Munich.

I create fine art in drawing and painting. I closely follow a quote of the German artist Paul Klee: Art does not reproduce the visible; rather, it makes visible.

I make motion graphics, focussed on main title designs for films and productions. I'm passionate about title design and art in general.

Read more about my career in my curriculum vitae.


König Laurin feature film (in production) 2015: Title Design, Motion Graphics IMDB
Im Nesseltal medium lenght feature film (in post-production) 2015: Title Design, Motion Graphics IMDB
Bergblut feature film, 122 min. 2010: Title Design IMDB
Das Märchen von der Prinzessin,
die unbedingt in einem
Märchen vorkommen wollte
feature film, 90 min. 2013: Title Design, Motion Graphics, Art Direction IMDB


05/12/14 - 22/12/14 Group exhibition 99Art
Kunstsalon Patrizia Zehe, Marktstraße 6, 83646 Bad Tölz
16/04/12 - now Solo exhibition
Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Käufl, Schulgasse 1, 83646 Bad Tölz
11/12/10 - now Solo exhibition
EHRKO Wohnzentrum, Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Straße 3, 84494 Neumarkt St. Veit
11/09/10 - 26/09/11 Solo exhibition at the Kunstmeile 2
Jeans&News, Untermarkt 15, 82515 Wolfratshausen
04/04/08 - 09/05/08 Solo exhibition ‚Thomas Müller Grafik und Malerei‘
Raiffeisenbank Holzkirchen, Marktplatz 11, 83607 Holzkirchen
19/03/07 - 16/04/07 Solo exhibition ‚Metamorphose‘
Fachklinik Gaißach, Dorf 1, 83674 Gaißach

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